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mc² - a musical tribute to albert einstein

Without him we wouldn´t be able to hear music from CDs. In his "Light quantum hypothesis" (for wich he was awarded the Nobel price) Albert Einstein formulated the theories needed for the development of laser technologies that can be found in every CD player today.
To celebrate the Einstein year 2005 musicians now pay tribute to one of last century´s gratest geniuses without whom thes never would be able to release their work on CD.
On "mc² - a musical tribute to albert einstein" artist from very difference styles offer exclusive songs about the man and his work.
From HipHop to Progressive Rock, from Electronic to Pop.
The artists features on the CD are:
Autumn, Bartman, Cargo Cult, Crazy Arts, Elektrohandel, Ernst Halft, Jimmy Vegas, Misanthrop, Harald Nies, no:carrier, Oakfield, Oceantime, Raver’s U-Nit, Sestatee, States Of Matter, The Headroom Project

mc² - a musical tribute to albert einstein
compilation cd, 17 songs, total playing time approx. 71 minutes
catalog number: none065
EAN: 4260060720652
price: 10 euro

Source: NovaTune